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PRB Coal Training at NRG - Indian River Power Plant

Monday, June 8, 2015
On Saturday, May 22, 2004, the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company took part in training providing by the NRG Indian River Power Plant. The training was prompted by the test burning of coal that is surfaced mined from the Powder River Basin Region of Wyoming. The coal in much finer than standard coal and requires a greater deal of care and maintenance to ensure against spontaneous combustion. In the event that the PRB Coal does spontaneously combust, the NRG Indian River Power Plant has purchased specialized firefighting equipment consisting of a probing rob with a porous tip for water delivery into the center of a coal pile. The equipment works in conjunction with a standard 1 1/2" coupling and breaks down into 5' sections for easy transport within the confines of the plant or coal yard. Use of water alone will not adequately extinguish the fires that may start in within the deeper portions of the coal pile, so a micelle encapsulating agent known as Fire Aide 2000 or F-500 must be used with a standard foam inductor in order to extinguish the fire. Thermal imaging may also be used in order to locate the source of heat within the coal pile. The training consisted of two nights of classroom instruction followed by one day of hands on. During the training the fire company personnel were familiarized with coal transportation and burning process of the coal along with layout of the plant in the event we may be called to respond. As the personnel witnessed, the micelle encapsulating agent brought the temperature of the burning pile down almost 300 degrees within 10 seconds and completely extinguished the pile in a matter of minutes. The micelle encapsulating agent may also be used on any flammable liquid fire because in surrounds the hydrocarbons, rendering the liquid inflammable forever. A better working relationship with the Power Plant and its safety officials has been established and the fire company would like to extend a special thanks the PRB Coal Users Group for worthwhile instruction and continued education as the power plant moves forward in the use of a more environmentally friendly coal.

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