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Phone : 302-732-6151

Fax : 302-732-1091

Mailing & Shipping Address:
Dagsboro Fire Department
P.O. Box 128 Dagsboro, DE 19939

Physical Address:
31818 Waples St.
Dagsboro, DE 19939

Emergency Dial 9.1.1

Serving our Community since 1943

Photo Gallery

DVFD Triples on Box to Frankford Structure Fire - Mountaire Feed Complex

Monday, June 8, 2015
At 18:02 on 10 February the Sussex EOC transmitted a box assignment to the Frankford & Dagsboro VFC's along with SCEMS 105 for a reported structure fire at the Mountaire Feed Mill located on Daisy St. in Frankford. Chief Hitchens (Frankford) went on location at 18:05 with smoke showing from sides 1 & 4 on levels 1 through 4, Engine's 761 & 731 also marked on the air at this time and was advised of the information. Engine 761 arrived and deployed a 1 1/2" attack line to level 2. Next in Engine 763 arrived & dropped a 3" line for supply and sent its crew to support crews already in the structure. Engine 731 arrived under the command of Deputy Chief McCabe and dropped 500' of 5" LDH & was assigned to stretch an additional 1 1/2" line off Engine 763 to level 2 to support the initial fire attack crew. At 18:10 interior crews relayed that they had a heavy smoke condition on levels 2 through 4 with heat conditions on 2 & 3. With this information command requested a R.I.T. response out of Selbyville & a Truck Co. out of Millsboro. Deputy 73 also request a 2 piece Engine cover-up for Dagsboro. Engine 732 arrived and picked up the 5" line from Engine 731 and its crew deployed a 300' 1 3/4", while the crew of Rescue Co. 73 were sent to level 3 with a high rise pack to check for extension and conduct a search. Ladder 83 arrived and was set-up on side 4 to vent levels 3 & 4. The Rescue Co. made level 3 and found zero visibility due to an extreme smoke condition and heat push from level 2, unable to locate a stand pipe they dropped a line out a bay door to establish a connection to Engine 732. With their hand line charged the crew began to investigate level 3 and sent a (2) man crew to levels 4 & 5 to investigate. After extensive investigation on levels 1 & 3 for extension and the initial fire knocked down on level 2 command placed the incident under control with units working. Crews conducted extensive overhaul & salvage operations and began clearing the scene unavailable due to depleted equipment on the units at 19:30. All Dagsboro crews & apparatus were made available and ready for service at 19:58 releasing Millsboro from their cover assignment. Units Operating on Scene: Engine 731, Engine 732, Engine 761, Rescue/Engine 763, Engine 766, Engine 884, Rescue Co. 73, Ladder Co. 83, Amb. A-76, Amb. B-76, SCEMS Medic 105, DSFP Units Proving Cover Assignments: Millsboro, Engine 831 to Dagsboro Gumboro, Engine 794 to Dagsboro

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