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Photo Gallery

2nd Blizzard in a week devastates the region - Dagsboro Area

Monday, June 8, 2015
As crews were still on duty from the 1st blizzard that hit the region on February 5th, a 2nd blizzard dumped 8-10 additional inches on the Dagsboro area & created whiteout conditions. Crews ran 13 calls in addition to several assist EMS calls. A taskforce consisting of a DOT plow, DE National Guard, DSP & SCEMS Medic were staged at the DVFD on Thursday & Friday. Some areas in the Dagsboro area had snow drifts approx. 6 ft. making most secondary roads completely impassible with out the assistance of a DOT plow or Nation Guard 5 ton truck. The DVFD maintained crews around the clock from Friday February 5th when the 1st blizzard hit until the morning of Sunday February 14th.

View from front of DVFD approx. 12:30 hrs as whiteout conditions begin
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View from front of DVFD approx. 12:45 hrs as whiteout conditions begin
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Brush 73
Views: 769
Career FF/NREMT-B & FF. M. Hudson relax as the storm hits
Views: 563
Rescue Capt. S. Murray (center), FF F. McCray & FF P. Steele discuss road conditions after returning from a tranformer fire
Views: 570
FF F. McCray preparing to apply deicer to the lobby entrance
Views: 543
Asst. Chief Dorey looks through DVFD photo albums during some down time
Views: 541
FF F. McCray & FF A. Kenlon clear snow drifts from apparatus bay doors
Views: 523
FF R. Carter & FF N. Ciampo after helping a stranded vehicle on Clayton St.
Views: 534
SCEMS Paramedic & DVFD Life Member A. Tait (left) relieves previous paramedic
Views: 552
Crews play some cards as the storm rages outside
Views: 560
Fire & ALS gear sit ready for calls
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Asst. Chief Dorey (right), FF P. Steele & FF R. Carter sit down for dinner, homemade chicken noodle soup
Views: 429
Crews get some very much needed rest
Views: 425
Lieutenant D. Betts catching up on sleep. Isn't he cute....
Views: 421
FF N. Ciampo also gets some sleep
Views: 432
FF M. Hudson helps cut up scrapple for breakfast
Views: 436
FF N. Ciampo prepares a snowball for attack
Views: 407
One of many vehicle stuck in snow drifts
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A-73 & Brush 73 operating @ EMS call on Townsend Rd.
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Crews attempting to gain access to cardiac arrest patient. 1st in crew waded through hip deep snow drifts down the 1/4 mile driveway
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The drift at the end of the driveway was so bad this DELDOT plow could not break through. A DELDOT front end loader was enroute.
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SCEMS Tech 2 breaks through after the DELDOT loader digs throught the drift
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Crews enjoy down time after a very busy AM
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Tractor 73 stands ready to assist operated by Asst. Chief T. McCabe
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Former DVFD FF/EMT P. Stillwell & DVFD FF/EMT Z. Bonniwell enjoy the down time between calls
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FF A. Kenlon, Fire Police G. Cox & Aux.Member J. Swartz prepare dinner
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Asst. Chief's C. Dorey & T. McCabe texting out vital information... NOT
Views: 378
Plow 73 in service as part of the Taskforce running out of the DVFD Thursday night
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DE National Guard stationed @ DVFD for Taskforce Operations
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Morning #7 for FF A. Kenlon at the DVFD
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Breakfast on morning #7
Views: 380
Breakfast on morning #7
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Assist EMS call Reed St
Views: 374
Assist EMS call Reed St
Views: 375
A-73 enroute to Bebee Medical Center
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Road conditions crews face trying to get to calls
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Road conditions crews face trying to get to calls
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Yet another structure failure
Views: 388
Engineer A. Swartz digs out the DVFD
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