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MVC - Working Rescue with Submersion - Dagsboro Rd & Thorogoods Rd.

Monday, June 8, 2015
At 08:23 on 20 June, the Sussex County EOC transmitted a MVC with possible rescue to the Dagsboro VFC, Frankford VFC EMS, & SCEMS Medic 103 & EMS 100 in the area of Dagsboro Rd. & Thorogoods Rd. Engine 732 under the command of Deputy Chief T. McCabe marked on the air with a crew of (5.) five Deputy McCabe was also advised several calls advising (1 ) one vehicle over an embankment, (2) two subjects in the vehicle & that the vehicle was taking on water. At 08:28 Engine 732 arrived on scene confirming (1 ) one vehicle with extensive front-end damage over an embankment and (2) two subjects in the vehicle, at least (1) one subject being trapped, with Deputy McCabe as IC. IC then noticed that the second subject in the vehicle was Ricky Hammond a near by business owner had entered the water & vehicle with out regard for his own safety to keep the patient above water. Rescue Co. 73 marked on the air at 08:25 with a crew of (4) four, under the command of Captain Elliott and was advised by IC to prepare for rescue operations. The crew from Engine 732 descended the embankment to assess the incident with, Asst. Chief Furbush as operations. After a quick size up, operations called for (2) two Saw-Zalls & the Hurst O-cutters & advised IC they were going to have to take the roof to asses further. Operations also advised that the car was sitting on the bottom and the approx. water depth was 3-4'. Amb. B-76 had arrived and career FF/ NREMT-B, V. McCabe enter the water to begin patient care & assessment. Asst. Chief Furbush along with FF/NREMT-P B. Donaway & FF C. Hudson also entered the water to begin extrication operations. Upon assessing the patient, crews became aware that a possible second patient may also be involved and may had been ejected. As the extrication crew began to disentangle the patient when it was noticed that the vehicles passenger side floor was completely peeled back with the patient protruding through the bottom of the vehicle. It was also noticed the the fuel cell had been ruptured. With this information IC ordered a 1-3/4" line pulled in case of ignition. The crew of the Rescue Co. arrived and began setting up additional tools & getting the stokes basket set-up for patient removal. At this point EMS crews advised command to request aviation, but due to dense fog and low cloud cover none were available. At 09:00 the extrication crew had removed the roof and began patient removal & packaging. On scene ALS labeled the patient a Priority 1 Trauma, with possible closed head injuries. With the only visible patient removed and being loaded into Amb. B-76, crews began searching for the poss. second victim. Using a Thermal Imager & Pike Poles crews scanned & probed the creek & banks for signs of a second victim. Command placed the incident under control at 09:07, with units working. At this point the DSP F.A.I.R. Team was arriving to begin their investigation. Upon interviewing several eye witnesses it was determined the reported seconded victim was Ricky Hammond, the local business owner entering the vehicle to assist the victim. However, crews remained on scene until the vehicle the removed from the bottom of the creek to ensure their was no patient under the wreckage. IC terminated command and place the remaining units in service at 09:43. DSP remained on scene continuing their investigation. Units Operating on Scene: Engine 732, Rescue Co. 73, Amb. B-76, SCEMS Medic 103, SCEMS EMS 100, DSFP, DPD, DSP, DSP F.A.I.R. Team, DELDOT

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